Yeah. D: I wish it would stoppp. ;o;

My throat isnt really sore anymore, which is great, but Im still coughing, and my nose has been stuffed up a lot today too. ;-; 

Im still having trouble getting into my blog here at Dads too, and I sent my aunt an email about it a little while ago to see if maybe she knows whats going on- shes better with computers than I am, aha. xD 

Ill be going away for a few days starting this Friday! Ill be back on Monday, though. uvu I dont know if Ill have wifi or not, and if I dont Im going to get my mum to submit entries for me. ^^ There was wifi there last year, according to Melissa, so hopefully itll still be there this year, aha. xD

Anyway, its almost eight thirty, so I have to get off for tonight. owo

Ill be on tomorrow! :3

Night guys! ewe